Tuesday, June 5, 2007

One down, a million to go

Hooray for me, I made it through the first day! Yesterday I went the whole day without sugar. I walked a mile in the morning, and even though in a few little jogging bits. I feel good about it.
For breakfast I had Kashi cereal with blueberries and milk.
For lunch I had a hamburger on a whole grain bun, with lettuce and ketchup. I also had grapes and carrots and a diet dr pepper.
For a snack, I had a few almonds.
For dinner, I made ham fried rice. That sounds really fatty, but I only used a little bit of olive oil, and used whole grain brown rice mix. It was yummy. And I had grapes and peaches. Oh, and milk.
The kids had cookies for a treat, but I just walked on by, drinking my large glass of water. It is possible to go the whole day without stuffing one's face with sugar.

Now, on to day number two!

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