Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Food. Why did it have to be food?

So, I can do ok with the exercise. Last week I think I did 4 days, and the week before I exercised 5 days. This week I'm having to adjust my schedule because 4 out of 5 school days someone has to go to school early for band or orchestra. But this morning I set my alarm for 6:09, and was out of bed and out the door by about 6:30. I got my Curves workout in and was home by about 7:10, to help the kids get ready and out the door starting at 7:30. So, I'm doing the exercise part.

But the food! Why must there always be food?! There's food everywhere, and I can't seem to resist it. I said I had given up sugar until my birthday, right? Well, I suck at the no sugar thing. Yesterday I was at the grocery store and they give away free cookies for the kids. Well, I took one for John, and one for me! A cookie! That in no way falls under the no sugar requirements. What is going on here?!

Oh, yeah. One more thing. Since I've joined Curves....I've gained 3 pounds.

Ugh! Would someone please come and remove the food from my life?! Please?


Did you know I'm... said...

If I could just live on a planet where food was not necessary, that would be great. I agree with you. It's the fooooood that is my problem, not the exercise. But we can do this, Paige! When is your birthday in December? Mine is the 8th, so let's nag each other and keep on track so we can be skinnier by our big days!

Missie said...

Duh, that first comment was from me, Missie. I have no idea why it posted that one part from my blog. I am new at this. sheesh. what a dork.