Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not a bad week

I tried really hard to be good this week. I journaled, I counted points, I exercised every day, and even avoided the candy that was set right in front of my face at a dinner on Friday night (cute yellow, white and green M&M's). Well, I was having a good week until Saturday. Lunch at Crown burger, dinner out, ugh. But I did go to Curves 3 times and walked 8 miles and lost one pound this week (before Saturday), so I'm still thinking that's a positive week.
Now it's Sunday night and the weekend is over. It's time to get a nice big glass of water, set out my workout clothes for tomorrow, and get to bed early. I'm fighting a cold or allergies or something, and I'm hoping that tomorrow morning I feel better than I did this morning.

And how are YOU doing?

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