Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dieting is not compatable with Disneyland vacations

Well, we returned last night from our vacation. You'd think with all that walking and walking and walking we did, that I would have burned off some extra calories. But then there was all that eating we did, which is not really great for a diet. I gained back 2 pounds. So, I'm nearly back at my starting weight today.

But, it was a really fun vacation, and today is a new day.


Scale Junkie said...

Today is a new day, I'm up 3.8 this week and I know its really helped me focus on the positive and look for areas to improve. New day, new attitude!! I'm sure you'll post a great loss next week and so will I :)

Christine Rockwell said...

OH I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I'm in a constant battle with my weight and I too thought the walking {and walking and walking} would have helped A LITTLE! But like you said, the eating out does you in. We took a LOT of snacks in with us, meals too, with four kids {and an MIL} we HAD to. In fact we bbq'd a Costco size bag of chicken before we left and took it with us for dinners we could reheat in the hotel! Not the BEST vacation dinner, but to saved $$ and calories ;-)
Thanks for coming by my blog today, I'm enjoying yours as well!

Mich said...

Oh Disneyland--how fun!! Two pounds isn't really bad for a vacation, you know!! Have a good week!

Zanitta said...

I think two pounds is really good for a vacation. Having worked at Disney World for a year I know how difficult it can be to get healthy food, so well done to you.

Mama Bear June said...

It was Disney! Glad you had a great time and now you can get back on track.
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