Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No sugar--day 2

I made it through the whole day with no sugar. Hooray for me! As I was putting Halloween decorations away, I found a stray snickers bar that I had squirrelled away for later. EEK! What can I do? Well, I gave it to my son, who ate it. I did NOT eat the snickers. I really really needed something sweet after lunch, and I had a sugar free pudding cup. I also popped up some microwave popcorn and ate that. But I didn't eat any sweets. No I didn't. Even when I was giving my kids the lofthouse sugar cookies I had bought for their "night snack". I didn't even have a tiny taste. Even when my son said he didn't want his. Normally I would eat it for him. But not now. I'm not eating sugar!!! And I'm proud of myself for it. Now, on to day #2.

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