Saturday, December 22, 2007

One week left

In one week it will be my birthday. I'll be the 4.0 version of myself. At the beginning of the year I was all gung ho about how I was going to lose 40 pounds by the time I turned 40. It seemed completely doable. Now, the year has passed, and I have gained and lost the same 7-8 pounds all year. I'm back where I started.

Which is not to say the year has past without accomplishments. I have actually done things.
--I completed my first 5K.
--I won a trip to Disneyland, then went with the family for a fun vacation.
--I pulled off a successful PTA reflections program.
--I helped my kids with their accomplishments (1st place soccer team, art shows, homework assignments) and their challenges (broken leg for my daughter, the endless year of unsuccessful potty training for my son).
--I have supported my husband in his responsibilities.
--I have washed approximately 312 loads of laundry, and prepared about 680 meals (I don't really count breakfasts).
--I joined Curves and work out there about 3 times a week.
--I won $1,000, which I promptly spent on my new couches.
--I sewed curtains for three different rooms in my house.
--I threw four birthday parties.
--I attended approximately 62 rehearsals or concerts with my bell choir. If you'd like to see our Bell Choir in action, my dear husband found this video last night and showed it to me. This is some footage from our concert two weeks ago. I don't know who filmed it, but it was fun to watch. You can't see me at all, since it's a bad angle, but I'm one of those blondes in the row there.

So, I haven't just been slacking off in my 39th year. But I have failed in my weight loss goals. But I am not a failure. And there's always the next year, right?


Stephanie said...

Wow, sounds like a productive year! I ran my first 5K this past year too! You must enter contests often (?)...because you listed some very impressive wins!

Emily said...

it sounds to me like you've accomplished a lot!

i wanted to know how you won both those things, too! that's crazy. :)