Monday, January 7, 2008

Contests for the New Year

Hey, just a couple of contests I wanted to mention, because we all like FREE Books, don't we?

The fun blog is giving away a copy of "The Yada Yada Prayer Group Gets Decked Out” by Neta Jackson. It looks like a fun one, doesn't it?

And over at my other blog, I'm giving away the Book Dangerous Admissions. Enter by next Monday.

And how are we all doing with our resolutions?
--Well, I've totally sucked at the eating no sugar thing. In fact, I just ate a chocolate. I've GOT to get rid of all the Christmas treats--they are bringing me down!
--I've done ok on the exercise 4 times a week goal, although this week will be hard because husband is out of town, thus making it hard for me to escape the kids and go to Curves. I guess that's hello, treadmill, right?
--And I've been really trying hard to not yell at the kids, although yesterday I did a nice yelling fit right before church. Arg. Why can't they get their shoes on when I ask them to? Today's a new day, right? And I haven't yelled at any of them yet.

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