Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Little Mr. Picky Pants

My four year old son and I went to lunch today to celebrate that I've gone almost an entire day without sugar (baby steps, folks) and that I worked out today (more baby steps), and I had a coupon for a free kid's meal when you buy a regular meal and a drink at Bajio (my favorite place). No, it doesn't take much for me to deem it's a celebration. Anyway, I ordered a kid's quesedilla with red rice, and a chicken taco with black beans and rice for me. I figured that's about the plainest thing I could order for him, my little picky-pants. Well, it was not plain enough. There was no question on the quessedilla--he just wasn't having any of it. He did look encouragingly at the spanish rice, and took an enthusiastic bite, but then spit it out.
"There's CHEESE on it!" he said.
So I moved the offensive cheese to the side, and he started to eat. "Good rice," he said, and gave me the thumbs up sign. That is, until he saw a tomato there in the rice. "What's this?!" he demanded.
"That's a tomato," I said, "sometimes they put them in the red rice. That's what makes it red."
"Take it out!" the little dictator said. So, I found myself picking all the tomatos out of his spanish rice.
But then he looked up at me and smiled. "This is a great lunch, mom!" he said, "Except for the cheese and the tomatos, you did a really good job."
Thank you so much for you approval, kid. If only I were that picky about what I put in my mouth, maybe it would be easier to lose weight.


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Awww this post is just so cute! I love that he said you did a great job! How cute!

About the baby steps...one step at a time, one day at a time and before you know it a week is down! I just want to encourage you. It's not easy, but after the first few weeks you'll see a difference and then it will be easier to stick to it. I lost 30 lbs in 3 months from ton of baby steps put together. (2 1/2 years ago..I had a baby 8 months ago and still have 20 lbs to lose from that.) You can totally do it. If you mess up, don't fret over it...just start over and you're right back on track! :)


sarah said...

I too have a picky-pants. I have learned to adapt, but I find it hard to answer to non-parents why I give into the demands. I was laughing as I read your rice story because you were perfectly describing the way it would go with my three-year old...only my son would have added some gags for dramatic effects! He would have also complained that something was wrong with the quesadilla, it would be too crunchy, too brown, or too hot. Being in the field that I am n I get a lot of advise from the new age crowd.."he needs fish oil," or "you should feed his salmen and veggies." All I can do is say thanks and then laugh inside knowing that the mention of those foods in my house would send my son into fits... after all, don't french fries count as veggies?