Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day! The day all diets are started and many are ended

Oh, it's New Year's Day again! And we all have fitness and diet goals, don't we? Yes, we do.

I had a wonderful birthday, and if you want, you can read all about it here. Yes, we ate way too many sweets and about 1/2 of a huge cake is still in the kitchen. Today I freeze it and get it out of my line of sight.

I of course want to lose weight in 08. I didn't do so well in that aspect in the last year, although I have been exercising more and thought I was doing well. It must be the eating that is throwing me off.

But all things must be done in moderation. I need to learn how to be more moderate in my eating, without having to count and write down every single point or calorie. Because that works for a while, but then you stop writing it down or stop going to WW meetings and then revert to the previous eating habits. The ones that got me here.

I like the idea of an exercise streak, where you see how may consecutive days you can exercise. The Amazing Shrinking Mom exercised every day for one whole year! I'm not going to make that kind of goal, but I could do 4 -5 days a week of exercise.

A friend and I have given up sugar for extended amounts of time, which is a good thing. We talked about having to pay each other one dollar for each time we eat sweets. But then wouldn't we just be paying each other the same dollar all the time?

So, I can't write down my resolutions just yet. I haven't worked out a plan of action that I can commit to yet.

I do know that I want to:
a-be more patient with myself, my husband and my kids
b-lose at least 20 pounds
c-cook healthier for myself and for my family

Those are good goals, don't you think?


Patriot said...

Those goals sound fantastic! Eating healthier (not just less) is also my goal - the more fruits and vegetables the better!

Thanks so much for entering at my site. Happy 2008 to you!

Andrea said...

Those sound like pretty good goals to me! And giving up sugar...obviously you have more self control in that area than me! hehe...I have such a bad sweet tooth! Sigh. Oh well...thanks for entering my contest too and good luck!!