Thursday, January 17, 2008

Science Fair Projects

January is Science Fair time around these parts, and all the moms in the neighborhood are scrambling to help their kids get those darn science projects done. My 13 year old son did his own project. No help from me at all. Of course, it was (in my opinion) a pretty lame science project about which food does the turtle like best. Not very scientific, and basically, not very much work on his part, but he did it, turned it in and got a decent grade on it. My 11 year old daughter is going to test matchbox cars and see if the weight is a factor in how far it rolls. Or she may test brand name cars against generic cars. We need to work on that this weekend.

But I've been speaking with some friends, and we've decided that someone needs to do a study or science fair project on the relationship between getting your carpets cleaned and someone in the house throwing up. On of my friends had clean carpets for two days before her daughter threw up. My other friend had her carpets cleaned on a Wednesday. By Wednesday night, three of her four kids had thrown up on it. What is up with that?! It makes me not want to get the carpets cleaned--ever!

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