Friday, February 8, 2008

Day 3 no sugar

I'm still here, and I'm still sugar free. Yesterday my four year old came home from his playgroup with a plate full of heavily frosted sugar cookies with candy hearts all over them. Didn't I just say that there would be no sugar cookies? He ate one at home, and then my husband ate one. So, there's one left. I'm trying to encourage my son to eat it so I won't have to look at it anymore.

But I can do this!

Two days down, 38 to go. That's 5% done already!

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Stegh said...

I stopped eating sugar about a year and a half ago (two years ago in March except for a half a dang piece of cake I had on my birthday a year and a half ago) and the hardest thing for me to learn to do was THROW IT AWAY. If no one else wants the cookie, the last piece of pie, the little bit of frosting, THROW IT IN THE GARBAGE CAN. That way, I'd really have to disgust myself to eat it. Good luck. This is HARD to do.