Tuesday, February 19, 2008

No sugar--day 13

Um, somebody forgot to tell my brain that sugar was still not allowed. After our "free day" on Valentine's day, I seemed to blow it the whole weekend. And Monday was not so great, either. I was grabbing pre-formed frozen raw cookie dough blobs from the freezer and eating them. Yummy, but BAD! Bad girl! There's no sugar eating! What were you thinking?

Today I got myself back on track, and I went to a weight training class and walked a mile on the treadmill to make sure I didn't lose my will power and eat sugar again. No sugar, but I did drink two diet cokes.

Better than yesterday, that's for sure.


Emily said...

way to get back on the wagon! you can do it, paige!

dawn224 said...

sounds JUST like something I would do!