Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some upcoming obstacles

Well, I did survive the WHOLE day without the dreaded sugar yesterday. But today I'm signed up to take "dessert for twelve" to the school by 3:00 for the teachers dinner for Parent Teacher Conference. I don't think I can make a treat and take it in without eating any of it. So, I guess I'll get something at the grocery store all packaged up and just take it in all packaged up. And not put my name on it, because I'll be embarrassed to send in something that's not homemade.

And Saturday? We're having a ward Valentine's party. I signed up to make a cheesecake. Because I LOVE cheesecake. And I do make a nice cheesecake. How am I going to make cheesecake and take it to a party and not eat any of it? How? I ask you?

And my good friend, Kristy, has an interesting view of underwear buying today. Not to be missed, I tell you.

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