Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentines cookies are so last year

Last night the kids started to fill out their valentines. Sometimes they make their own, but most of the time they just use the cheap ones from the store. I let themdo what they want. Same with boxes. Last year the kids made an elaborate dog Valentine's box with eyes that light up (courtesy of a little led light and a battery). My favorite thing about valentine's day is actually making heart sugar cookies. A lovely custom THAT WE WILL NOT BE DOING THIS YEAR, thanks to my no sugar for lent thing. Ugh.

But at least I could enter to win a new Blog design. That would spruce up my holiday for sure.

And you could enter, too, if you'd like. Just go over to Laughadaisy and check out the contest.

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Magirk said...

Thanks for stopping by to enter my Giveaway.

You're entered, and Good Luck! :)