Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lessons from the MP3 player

I was supposed to participate this morning in a neighborhood walk/run. When my alarm went off, I heard the wind howling and knew it was too early and too cold. What a wimp I am! I hope it was a success, and really, I'll try to make it out for the next one, I promise.

But even though I didn't come and walk with the group, I did get up pound out three miles on the treadmill. And while panting along wishing I was done, I gleaned some wisdom from my mp3 player.

First, while listening to Keith Urban, I heard these lyrics:

Every step I take
I get a little less afraid
Of giving into love
Love, let it out
Believe me when I say
It gets better every day
Once you get used to the pain

I'm thinking that's what exercise is--getting used to the pain. And with every step I take, I get a little less afraid. Wow! That's some pretty deep stuff.

The next song was Maroon 5, and I could really sympathize when I heard:

Is there anyone out there cause it's getting harder and harder to breathe

Does it kill
Does it burn

Yes, it does burn, and it does kill, and I wish I were off of this treadmill, and it IS getting harder and harder to breathe. Thankfully, I was almost done with my 3 miles (Hooray for me! 3 Miles!) and I didn't wax theoretical about any more songs.

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Emily said...

yay paige! good for you for doing the 3 miles on your own. :)