Thursday, April 24, 2008

Out for a jog

Yesterday, when I was doing my three miles (I'm trying to walk/jog three miles 3 times per week. This week I'll probably have to settle for just two), I decided to try to step it up a little. You see, I've been following a plan, and I'm supposed to jog for two minutes, then walk for two minutes, etc. I can do that, but honestly, I hate it. So, this time, I tried to jog for the whole lap. One lap in treadmill miles is 1/4 a mile. And I did it! I jogged for an entire quarter of a mile!


Now, you skinny young things reading this are probably saying, "What's the big deal? I could do that in my sleep?" But for me it is a big deal. I'm 40 years old, overweight by about 50 pounds, and NOT in shape. I'm working on all those things (well, I guess I can't do anything about the 40, now, but I can work on the other two), and I'm very excited that I could actually do that. I was so excited, that on mile 2, I did it again. Jogged for another 1/4 mile. And you know what? I didn't die. I was, however, very worn out for the remainder of the day, but I survived. Hooray for the fat girl!

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nicole said...

That's awesome! Setting little goals for yourself during a regular exercise routine is a great way to stay motivated. I do the same thing when I am on the treadmill--challenge myself to run an extra 1/4 mile or up my speed for a lap. Keep up the good work!