Monday, May 12, 2008

EEK, only one day until the weigh in, and I'm not ready!

Well, I did stay in my points on Saturday (mostly) but Sunday I knew things were not going to go so well when they gave all the mothers FUDGE for our mother's day gift at church. YUM! I did NOT eat the whole package, but I did have a few spoonfulls of rocky road fudge. Then when we came home from church, the hungries hit everyone and we hurry to have a snack before the big mother's day dinner. No, I did not snack wisely.

Then, we had a wonderful mother's day dinner at my parent's house. I did the hamburger with no bun, had some salads, and some fruit, but I'm pretty sure that salad dressing was NOT fat-free like the mayo I used on the potato salad. I only had one deviled egg, and then a small brownie.

We came home and I was feeling good about the whole thing, until we got home and I got the munchies AGAIN, and ate some more fudge and a sugar cookie. Ugh!

Now I'm realizing that the week one weigh in is tomorrow, and I've had no weight loss that I know of. I can't go in and not have lost anything! So, today will be a starving day, that's for sure. Lots of vegetables for me.

Dang. I hate weigh ins.

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