Tuesday, May 6, 2008

hello, Grumpy

As I mentioned earlier I did in fact go and sign up for Weight Watchers this morning. And now I'm hungry and can't think of anything to eat. I also don't know how many points my lunch was, so I'm unsure of how many points I can have at dinner, and if there are any points left for snacks (besides that lemon bar that I ate since my neighbor so sweetly brought some over and I couldn't just not have one, right?). So, I'm hungry, I'm dragging, and I'm very short tempered. I just lost my temper when the wind blew over a cereal box that SOMEONE left on the table since breakfast. So, watch out, and stay away from me for a few days, cause it's not going to be pretty.

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Emily said...

paige, yes it was women's conference. we do our own girl's weekend every year. this year we did women's conference and added on some fun by ourselves on saturday. it was good times all around. :)