Friday, May 23, 2008

What bugs you?

As I was eating my healthy breakfast this morning (oatmeal with strawberries...3 points), I discovered something. There was something funny about that one piece of oatmeal. It looks like. Oh, no. It's a weevil. A tiny little weevil carcass in my oatmeal. Ick. And it was such a great healthy breakfast, too. Now I can't eat it. And that means that there are more weevils in my oatmeal canister. Oh, gross. I may never be able to eat oatmeal again.

Now I've encountered weevils before. For some reason if I see one or two of their little weevil bodies floating in the water as I'm boiling the macaroni for macaroni and cheese, I'm ok with that. Because I'm going to drain them off when I drain the macaroni, and then they will be gone. Or maybe it's because I'm not the one eating the macaroni and cheese. I don't know why that's ok, but having one in my oatmeal is NOT ok.

So, the remainder of that lovely breakfast is in the trash, along with the last 4 strawberries. *snif* This could be a good weight loss tool, right? Maybe if someone put little creatures in a cookie or a carton of ice cream every once in a while, it would turn me off of those things forever and they would no longer tempt me.

Once we were dining at a nice restaurant in San Fransisco (I think it was called Moose's. I wonder if that place was still there. I had the best sweet potatoes there--seriously, I still remember them!) and there was a bug in my salad. A real live bug crawling across my mixed greens. I got a waiter's attention, and said, "Hey, there's a bug in my salad," and he said, "That's because it's organic." What?! Organic or not, I don't want any bugs crawling through my salad. I had to actually ASK him if he would take it away and bring me another salad! To their credit, I believe they did comp us dessert, so it wasn't like it was bad service or anything. But, yes, I have a problem with bugs in my food.

What's your tolerance for bugs in your food?


Emily said...

i'm like you - if i see a bug (dead or not) it just ends my appetite. i need NEW food, and sometimes i can't eat anymore, just too grossed out!

Missie said...

Gik! Yak! blech! No bugs in my food, thank you. On that we agree totally.

Unfortunately, I have never found a bug anywhere around chocolate...or cookie dough...or pizza.