Sunday, June 29, 2008

get a walking buddy

After last week's two pound gain, I realized I needed to step it up a bit. Plus, I entered myself in an exercise challenge at Less Fat, More Muscle, so that has also compelled me a little bit. And this week, I am proud to say I went walking EVERY day. Well, not weekends. My Saturday mornings are exhausting enough with all the dancing we've been doing at play practice, and Sunday is a day of rest, so I don't go out and exercise on Sunday.

But let me tell you about my walking. On Thursday (over a week ago), I got out of bed at 6:30, laced up my shoes and went out for a walk. I had it in my head that I would go at least 2, maybe 3 miles. As I walked out of my subdivision, I ran into a walking group of ladies from another neighborhood. I know them all, and it was fun to connect with them. They have been walking together forever, and they just gain and lose people as schedules change. So, I joined up with them, not knowing which route they were taking or how far it would be, but it was fun to walk with old friends and chat. Then it doesn't feel so much like exercise torture, more like a visit. By the time I was done, I'd gone about 3 miles and it took me about an hour.

The next day, I was up at 6:30 again, and waited for a bit to meet up them. Fun again. On Sunday, I asked another friend, who I knew wanted to get out and walk, what she would be doing the next morning at 6:30. "Um....sleeping?" she said. I invited her to come walk with me, and she reluctantly agreed. "You'll have to go slow, though," she said, "I mean, your legs come up to my boobs because I'm so short." That's when I burst out laughing and assured her that we could go as slow as we needed to.

On Monday morning, there she was at the corner where we said we'd meet. Hooray! And we walked and walked. Some days we met up with the other walking group, and some days it was just us. Friday she wasn't there, but I still went. I just waited until I saw the other group and joined with them.

So, this past week, (drumroll please), I walked EVERY morning. I clocked out the route and it's about 2.8 miles. Some days we go a little bit longer, and one day I cut it a tiny bit short, but I walked at least 2.5 miles each time. So, that's five hours of walking this week. I also went to Curves twice, and went to yoga once, so add that in, and that's over seven hours of exercise this week! Isn't that wonderful?!

What would have been even more wonderful for my weight loss is if I had done all that exercise and HADN'T made delicious cookies this week. Cookies that I've been eating every day. And then we had a party on Friday night, a party on Saturday night, and we're having a family party tonight. So, I probably won't be losing any actual pounds this week, but at least I'm on a exercise roll.


Emily said...

go you! yay, paige!

nicole said...

That is awesome! I have had a hard time with exercising the last two weeks. I just find excuses not to go to the gym. It has to stop now.