Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sneeze, snif, snuffle

I have NOT been feeling well. I've got a huge cold, or maybe it's allergies to EVERYTHING out there. I don't know. I came home from church early on Sunday with a sore throat and stuffy nose, and spent Monday basically laying around and blowing my nose. I did try to hit the treadmill Monday morning, but I could only do 1 mile and a half before my misery took over.

So, not that much exercise over the weeknend, not really eating that great (those toffee bars) and not writing down my points, I was prepared to skip WW this morning. But, when I got on the scale, it looked indeed like I was down a pound, so I decided I'd better go at least for the weigh in, even if I couldn't stay for a meeting.

Lo and behold, I was down two pounds. I seriously think it must all be from snot blown out my nose, not because I actually lost two pounds. But I'll take it as a gift, and try to do better this week.


nicole said...

I lost weight when I was sick too. I think the stuffiness and stuff diminishes my appetite. If you can't taste the food, it is really kind of pointless to eat it. I hope you get better soon!

R. Shack said...

Grr, I hope you're feeling better! Good job listening to your body and getting off the treadmill... I'm really impressed you got on in the 1st place... I have one sniffle and start using it as an excuse to 'take a rest' :P

Mrs. G. said...

Two pounds is two sticks of butter-it counts even if you are sick.