Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Summer goals

Oh, Summer's here! The kids are out of school, the schedule is gone, and the snacks are flowing freely. There are also parties and barbeques where ever you look. But just because we relax things in the summer, that doesn't mean we have to relax our weight loss goals. At my WW meeting today, our leader had us fill in our paper with where we want to be after labor day. That's only 13 weeks from now.

I decided that I can be down 20 pounds by then. Even if I only lose one pound a week (I'm at 5 pounds down right now!), that's 13 pounds, and I think I can lose that extra pound one of the weeks to make it a 20 pound loss by then. And if I am really great and stick with it, hopefully it will be more than that.

So, by labor day, just 13 short weeks from now, I'll weigh 20 pounds less than when I started, and hopefully I will be down one size, too!

Where will you be?

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nicole said...

I'm in a weight loss contest with my in-laws, to end sometime in September. I'm hoping to be down 11 more pounds by then, which would make 17 pounds lost since April. I'm lucky though, since I'm starting at a weight that is okay with me anyway.
Good luck this summer!