Friday, July 11, 2008

Silence. Blissful alone time. And it’s all mine! (Evil laugh) BWa, ha ha ha Ha!

My family and everyone staying here has gone up to my family reunion . And I’m here. By myself! (Cartwheels and jumping!) Of course I’m going to miss them, can’t you tell? No, really.

I wish the reunion weren’t this weekend–opening night, for heaven’s sake. I thought I could go up for the day and play and have fun and then come home and get ready for the show, but to be to the theater by 5:00 with my hair in curlers and all that, I would have to leave the reunion at about 3:00. And that would either mean drag my family out of there at that time, or take two cars (Ryan already decided he didn’t want to sleep over on the campout without some back up, and am totally ok with that. But, gosh, wouldn’t that be great if he did? Then I could have tomorrow morning by myself, too!). And driving an extra car all that way just seems wasteful. So, Ryan lovingly agreed that it would be better for me to just stay home. Isn’t he the greatest?! Let’s give it up for Ryan! Of course, my whole family will be up there, and the kids will just play happily with their cousins, but still, I really appreciate him taking them and not making feel guilty that I’m staying home.

So, since they left, I’ve done dishes, cleaned the family room, and I’m just about to sweep the kitchen and clean the stove. Then I have about 12 loads of laundry that also desire my attention, and I might just get groceries, who knows? We have relatives staying with us this week, and having an extra family living here is SO MUCH FUN, but we sure make a mess. And with me being gone every night, I’ve gotten a little bit behind on the upkeep. But don’t think I’m going to just clean all day! Oh, no! I’ve got a big old nap scheduled! Hooray!

And just a bit about the play. I'm in our community theater's production of Suessical, the Musical, and we had our last rehearsal last night! We ended at 11:40. And you’ll never believe what they did with my hair (I don’t know why my hair is such an issue! I must just have problem hair. This time I went in hot rollers, and my dear hair and make-up queen Kelly fixed me up good. She had made this darling little “hat” for me!

It's a little watering can with flowers and butterflies in it. It’s really glued onto a headband, and then the headband in pinned in there to my scalp (I mean my hair). It would have been simpler to just use a nail gun to attach the dumb thing, though. While I LOVE the hat, and I think it’s so cute and so “Who-ish”, it’s just wasn’t real practical. Try doing anything with that thing on your head. By the end of the opening number, the headband was loose and the flowers were shifting. So I tried to not move my head. But then I was worried about the head thing and then I messed up the dance. Ugh! I thought, if I can just keep it on through act 1, then I can take it off, and oh, this is squishing my brain! I did keep it on through the next couple of scenes, but there’s this little house on stage I have to go through, and it’s already something I have to duck to get through. Try it with an extra 6 inches on top. You see where I’m going with this?

After the next little scene, I saw Kelly backstage, and she was asking how it was working out. “It’s not. It’s slipping and I’m worrying about it and then I’m messing up lines.” She was very sweet about it (all that work to get it in there!) and we took it off. She said she’d figure out something else for the next night, but in the meantime, we just took out some of the flowers and butterflies and stuck them in my hair. They hardly even needed bobby pins, since there was so much hairspray there I could probably hide my sandwich in there and you wouldn’t notice. On the way to the greenroom, where she was going to “just tease it up a little bit and maybe spray it some more”, I picked up a little blue bird on the floor. “Is this a prop?” I asked the prop lady. “No, it’s just a toy. I think it was in my daughter’s happy meal or something,” she told me. I asked if she minded if I used it, then. She told me to go ahead. So, we stuck that little bird in there, and it looked GREAT! And it was much more comfortable than the headband and the constant worry of if my “hat” is going to fall off.

So, we’ll see what Kelly comes up with for tonight. We talked about getting some butterflies and just gluing them onto clips and sticking them in there, instead of one big hat thing. Hopefully we’ll get it all worked out. If not, I’m fine with the bird and the flowers we used last night.

But there’s a lot of little kids in the show, and they seem very concerned with my hair. “Aren’t you wearing the wig?”
“Wow! Where did you get that watering can?”
“Is that a bird in your hair?”
“I love your hair Mrs. Mayor”
and my personal favorite,
“Wasn’t that the bird that so and so was playing with earlier?”
“Um, yes, ” I said, ” I found it on the floor, so we put it in my hair.”

So the saga of the hair continues on. Don’t you just want to come and see the show so you can see how I end up? Well, we open tonight!


Emily said...

ha! i totally want to see the bird in your hair. i love that you picked it up off the floor and stuck it in your hair. priceless. :)

Mia Wadsworth said...

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