Thursday, October 9, 2008

I miss Cookie

This week I went to Weight WAtchers. And I realized that my 10 weeks of paid meetings are over, and in that 10 weeks, I lost 6 pounds. Um. What? So, I came home and recommited myself to following the plan, writing down what I eat, and staying within my points.

So on the first day, I was actually 3 points under my allowance. Second day? I was hungry at Costco and got myself a hotdog and a diet coke. So, I was 10 points over that day. Today is day three, and I ate my oatmeal (2 points) and I'm hungry.

I feel like Kathreya in this little video.
I miss COOOOOOOOKIE! Cookie make me Happy!

Ok, pull it together and get a grip. No cookie for you!

The worst thing is that I'm hosting a little party here tonight, and have to get out the brownie bites, the chicken salad sandwiches and the other snacks. In order to eat some of that stuff tonight, I have to not eat it during the day. Wish me luck.

I MISS Cookie!


Missie said...

Just repeat...cookies are evil. Cookies are evil...cookies are evil...
What? It's not working? Yeah, it wouldn't for me, either.

I am doing a contest over at my blog if you wanna stop over. I promise not to have cookies.

Melodee said...

I hear you!

I ate Halloween candy tonight. That was just stupid.