Friday, October 31, 2008

It's over! And now for the winner!

I'm in kind of a sugar induced coma state over here. I ate way too much candy, and then my good friend always makes homemade donuts on Halloween. Now NORMALLY I'm not a big fan of the donut, but when they are homemade? Oh, just shoot me now.

BUT--we have some good news to report. I thank you all for entering my little contest. I had fun this week spending way too much time entering contests. I did, however, win one, and that's always a good thing, right? In fact, I won these cute Halloween plates from Carey at Frugal Fulfillment, and she sent them right away and I even got them in time for Halloween.

And I have a winner to announce in my contest, too. I consulted the genie, and he magically chose Jessica, who left this comment when I asked how she would be celebrating halloween:

we don't celebrate halloween - but we have two little girls who think they're princesses :)

Well, Jessica, you and your two little girls are my winners, and as soon as I know where to send your prize, I'll get those fun "little girl prizes" in the mail to you. Congratulations! And I hope that you (Jessica as well as the rest of you who entered the contest) will come back and check in with me often. I love meeting new friends!

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Heather said...

You won one of the prizes in my giveaway! Come see which one and email me your address at