Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Question for you

Why is it that I can't enjoy a day off or a little vacation or any special event without totally overeating? The kids had the weekend off school, so that seemed to turn our house into a fun fest with baking, eating candy, and no exercise for mom.

How does one really turn a diet into a lifestyle change?

And on another subject, I was THRILLED to pay $3.03 for gas today. While just a year ago I thought that three dollars for a gallon of gas, today, I was so excited that the price had gone "that low". I guess it's all a matter of perspectives.


Betty said...

I found your blog through Seashore. You ask the same questions that are on my mind.
How to make that thing in your head go "click"???

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I paid $2.53 last week and almost fainted, lol.

Blessings, Whitney