Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's December! Let the celebrating begin!

My kids have an advent calendar, with little pockets for every day. When there were just a couple of them, it was easy to just fill it with candy. But now there's five of them, and five pieces of candy don't really fit in the little pockets. So sometimes there's candy, and sometimes there's a note. Here are some of the notes that are promises of fun things we'll do this December.

Sing your favorite Christmas song!

Let’s watch a Christmas special on tv!

Let’s go see the lights at Thanksgiving point!

Help Mom and Dad wrap presents.

Let’s make cookies.

Let’s make fudge.

Go outside and make snow angels. Or if there’s no snow, rake leaves and make a pile to jump in.

Today we start our 12 days of Christmas.

Let’s have hot chocolate.

Pick out some Christmas books, and we’ll read them together.

Help Mom send the Christmas cards.


carla said...

uh oh.
the mere words advent calendar remind me of the movie BAD SANTA.

seen it?


Chrissie said...

Awww sounds really cute.