Thursday, January 8, 2009

Take the reins back

Some friends took me out to lunch yesterday for a belated birthday celebration, and we ended up talking about...what else? Weight loss. Or how are we going to lose some weight this year. Or how when we are in "the zone" we do everything right, write it all down, work out and eat right. But when we are not "in the zone", we stuff food in our mouths, don't work out, don't write things down, and pretty much go completely off the wagon. My friend DaNae, who has lost over 100 pounds, ran a marathon last year, and is totally my inspiration, was talking about how she decided she had to detox from all the sugar and crap she had eaten over the holidays. So BEFORE she started, she ate like a whole bag of those icky conversation hearts. I hate those thing. Yuck. But apparently that's one of her yummy cheat foods, so she just ate and ate and ate them until she was almost sick, then threw the rest of the bag away. Her thinking was that NOW she could get the sugar out of her system. Where's the sense in that?

She also told us how she had watched Oprah's show on Monday where they talk about her weight gain. She said it was pretty discouraging. I mean, if OPRAH, who has more money than any human being should be allowed to have, and has a chef and a trainer and assistants and all that can't keep her weight off and is back up to 200 pounds, what hope does miss Average Citizen here have to lose weight and keep it off?

Here's a blurb from Oprah:

What I've learned this year is that my weight issue isn't about eating less or working out harder, or even about a malfunctioning thyroid. It's about my life being out of balance, with too much work and not enough play, not enough time to calm down. I let the well run dry.

Here's another thing this past year has been trying to teach me: I don't have a weight problem—I have a self-care problem that manifests through weight. As my friend Marianne Williamson shared with me, "Your overweight self doesn't stand before you craving food. She's craving love." Falling off the wagon isn't a weight issue; it's a love issue.

When I stop and ask myself, "What am I really hungry for?" the answer is always "I'm hungry for balance, I'm hungry to do something other than work." If you look at your overscheduled routine and realize, like I did, that you're just going and going and that your work and obligations have become a substitute for life, then you have no one else to blame. Only you can take the reins back.

So, here it is the beginning of a new year, and it's time to take the reins back. Get the life back in balance.

Take a deep breath, let it out, and get up and get moving.

With that said, I'm going to go get into my workout clothes and go to yoga. I have to get to my exercise class at least two days per week, for one thing. What are you doing to "take the reins back"?

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Small House said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Okay, I'm going to follow you now. And I'm going to try to take some me time also. HMMMMM....that's going to take a bit to find that, but I WILL!! I've got to start somewhere. THANKS!!! I'LL BE BACK!