Monday, February 2, 2009

Let's start the week running

Well, I was a little harsh in my last post. Let's just chalk it up to a perfect storm of hunger, disappointment and PMS, shall we? As it turns out, I wasn't the total loser in our biggest loser game. I was actually somewhere in the middle. Out of 28 people, I was 17th, with a 2.5 pound loss. The biggest loser of the week lost 9 pounds. Nine pounds! Wow! My sister, who is already much smaller than me, lost 5 pounds. But I'm ok with my measly little two pounds. I did my best, and I actually lost weight, that's the important thing.

Now, I've got to eat a yogurt and then hit the treadmill. My goal is to do FOUR miles today. -whew-

Wish me luck.

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