Monday, February 2, 2009

The number of the day is 4

Today I did four miles on the treadmill. Four Miles! I can hardly believe it. I said to myself that I wanted to do four miles and I DID It. And it was hard. Usually I do 3 miles and it takes me just under an hour. This time I had to keep on going even though I wanted to quit. But I did it.

I felt really good about my accomplishment. Until I went to a movie with my daughter and two friends for her birthday unparty. Hotel for dogs. A great movie. If you're in the 6-12 year old set. For me? Not so great. But I got popcorn for the girls, and we were passing it back and forth and I reached in and ate. And I ate. Handful after handful of popcorn. I didn't add any of the butter flavor, but I don't think that's the low fat micorwave variety I'm used to pigging out on.

Ho hum. So, you win some and you lose some. But I can still be proud of my four miles!


Emily said...

Four miles is awesome! :)

jenny said...

well i do a 8 mile walk every day one way and well 8 miles back so 16 mles a day is what i'm use to doing but for the last 2 years i'm lucky i get in abt 4 miles a day since well its cold out and well by march when it gets warmer out i be out and walking and i hope i be geting back to my 16 mile walks once more but also i had to do a lot of cutbacking on what i had to eat as well unsted of white bread i eat dark breads and posta's some times most of the times i just try to lay off of them and well i lots of veg and frits and well some meats and well not to much pop its not good for you diet or even the stuff with the suger and well juice i could drink that all day and well when i do that i well dont want to have any thing else and well i had to even cut back on my milk in take as well just to get down to where i should be. any how its grate to know you got up to 4 miles in all and well i to have to get back in to well working out as well i got me one of them bender balls but now my dvr is broken so i cant see as to well all the things your to do with it so i have to think up some well things to do with it beside sit ups lol thats going to be a lot of fun my tummy is where i need to work on the most and well most of it ihave is not fat just museals that have not been worked in 2 years i well was down to a size8/9 and well it had takeing me from march tell julyto get down to that size and well i hope i do it again here so well then i can star fiting in to well all my nice oufits