Sunday, March 8, 2009

Discouragement, you are not my friend

It's oh so hard to not get discouraged about losing weight. It's a battle we have to fight EVERY SINGLE DAY. And it's not like other addictions that you give up and are clean and sober. You can't just give up food. There is no 30 day chip for the food-a-holics. If we went 30 days without food, we would most likely be dead. So, it's an addiction that we have to live with, like other harmful addictions. (I am in NO WAY implying that losing weight is harder than quitting smoking or drinking. Thankfully, I do not drink or smoke, which is a good thing, because I don't know how I would ever quit.)

Mel at The Diet Naked Blog, a fellow dieter and fat fighter, writes about her struggle with weight loss. She lost a lot of weight, and some of it has come back. She had to go and buy some clothes in a size she didn't want to buy. I understand. I keep telling myself I will NEVER buy more clothes in this size, but I do. When I found my favorite pair of jeans from Coldwater Creek, and was raving about them to a friend, she said, "Then you should buy more than one pair!" My reply was that I don't want to be in this size long enough to need more than one pair. But what to you know, I'm still in this size.

It's very hard to battle the self esteem problems that accompany the weight. I know, deep down inside, that even if I only lost 1/2 a pound this week, or if I never lose another pound as long as I live, that I'm a good person. But sometimes I forget. And I get down on myself that I totally left my diet by the wayside for the weekend, and the pound I lost last week, I gained back over the weekend. And then there's all kind of negative self talk about "Why did you just eat that?" and all that kind of stuff.

The negativity needs to stop. I am a good person. I take care of my family, and I'm trying to take care of myself. Just because I don't lose 2-3 pounds a week like I want, does NOT make me a failure. It makes me a slow loser.


Emily said...

What a great post -- you're a good person struggling with your weight. I can't imagine all that means, but you've taught us a lot about it today.

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