Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I decree there shall be no more Mexican Food

Last night my hubby told the kids we would go out to dinner. We hadn't been to our favorite Mexican place, Los Hermanos, in a long long time, so we decided to go there. Big mistake!

No normally I don't eat much salsa. I'm not really a salsa person, but their chips and salsa are SO good, I can't resist. I think I ate my weight in chips and salsa. I ordered well, with a taco salad, and I actually didn't even eat very much of the salad before I was full. But those chips and salsa! EEK.

When we came home, I felt full and yucky, and was burping up salsa flavored burps. After watching the Biggest Loser (what the heck? To be continued? They can't do that, can they?) I climbed into bed, not feeling well at all. The combination of cramps from my period and salsa overdose left me feeling yucky and in pain. I couldn't go to sleep, and just tossed and turned.

Today, I've gained a pound (can we say salt) and still feel yucky. Why can I not control myself? Why can I not just eat a FEW chips and a LITTLE bit of salsa? Why must I eat the entire bowl and then feel sick? WHY?

We shall never go out for Mexican food again!

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Emily said...

Oh my gosh, their chips and salsa are SO good. I have no control when it comes to those -- and the problem is that you're already SO hungry (obviously) waiting to eat.

And what is that green drink called? I love that, too.