Friday, November 13, 2009

Adventures in shopping

I was cruising though Costco the other day and remembered that I needed to pick up some, well, shall we say, prophylactics. Which I hate buying, by the way. It's kind of like an advertisement to the checkers, that someone's going to be getting busy later on. And buying the LARGE box at Costco makes me kind of squeamish, as well. It's not just the 12 pack, it's the 48 pack or something like that. I'm just imagining the checkers thoughts as they scan those. "Well, someone's going to be having some fun tonight". It's even worse than buying feminine supplies. And that's not too comfortable, either. At least that's a normal regular occurrence, and everyone who's ever had a period has had to buy them. But THESE. These little candy wrapper like beauties--when you buy these, it's like admitting to the entire check out staff, that, yes, you are having s*x.

I tried once to get my husband to buy them. He's the one that uses them, technically, so why shouldn't he buy them? Then it's more of a badge of honor, right? That didn't go over real well. I think he said something like, 'if you don't want to buy them, we'll just not use them," or something like that. And that's not gonna happen, so I guess I will keep buying them.

Anyway, back to Costco. I walked over to pick up a box, and they were on sale. Not really on sale, but with an "instant rebate", making them $2 less per box. As we know, Costco doesn't take manufacturer's coupons, and they hardly ever have "sales", so when something is an extra good deal, you need to stock up then. I picked up 3 boxes. I tried to hide them under my very large block of cheese. But then they each had to be scanned. Each one. The guy putting my groceries in the cart even asked the checker why she didn't just scan it once and press the 3 times key. "Oh, these each have to be scanned individually, because of the rebate." Or just to increase my embarrassment and discomfort, possibly. And there isn't a bag I could stick them in. There they are, three BIG ol boxes. Right there in the cart. And then the lady at the door has to check my receipt, and then check the cart. Three boxes? Yep, three boxes. And I'm just sure that Every single one of them is thinking. Three boxes? Of 48? Wow, that's a lot of...

I'm not sure that saving $6 was worth it.


Tess said...


oh, thank you, Paige. This is the best laugh I've had ..well, ever!

and, you are a triple blog owner? amaizing!

Stephanie said...

Ha! This is a hilarious story. :)
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