Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's me or the donuts

Last night we had to go return a redbox movie at the grocery store. We were on kind of a high from a VERY exciting basketball game, and I told the kids we could get donuts. After 7 pm, the donuts go on sale for all the donuts you can fit in a box for $2.99. So, we stuffed in about 15 donuts and went home, and I made some kids VERY happy. I also grabbed some french bread that was day old. I seriously ate almost half the loaf of bread while they gobbled down donuts. I had to have something to eat myself, since I hadn't had dinner yet.

This morning, I allowed them to pack a donut in their lunches, and then there were still 5 or 6 of those evil donuts in the box. I asked my 13 year old to take them to her carpool and offer them around. You would have thought I asked her to go to school naked or something. "What? What will I say? What if they don't want them? What if they think I'm weird?" she asked. Who is going to think you are weird for offering them a donut? I don't get it. I forced her to take the box with her. Hopefully I won't go outside and see a smooshed box of donuts on the floor.

But those donuts HAD to go. I didn't eat any last night, but during the day--when there's nobody here but me and the donuts--I could see that my iron will might waver, and I could end up facedown in a box of donuts. And nobody wants to see that happening.


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