Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Makeover my basement, Mandi!

You may remember that I entered a blogging contest last year to have the absolutely talented and amazing Mandi come and do a room makeover. I didn’t win, but that doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely follow and adore Mandi (she’s MET Nate Berkus, for heaven’s sake) and am amazed at what she can do with a little paint and creativity. And believe me, paint and creativity are two of my favorite things. My other favorite thing? FREE!!! Oh, you know it. Well, she is doing it again! And do I have the perfect space for her! My basement!

 Don’t panic, Mandi, you don’t have to do the whole basement, you can CHOOSE YOUR ROOM! Right now everything looks pretty much the same, but soon we will sheetrock these walls. The beauty of this project is, there’s nothing to take down, paint over, or rip out.

We can start fresh! You can choose to makeover a bedroom, or a different bedroom, a kitchenette/family room, Or we could break those up and do JUST the family room, or JUST the kitchen. Don’t let those piles of insulation scare you, those will be up in the ceiling and walls soon enough.

 Why do we need Mandi’s help and your votes? Because on our own we will never get this done. Seriously. Two years ago I told the hubby, “let’s not take a vacation, let’s just use those days and work on the basement.” Oh, how I laugh at that statement now. I think that was about the time when hubby started really traveling for work, so that he leaves the country and is gone for weeks at a time. Well, we started on this basement about a year ago. It took us a while to dejunk and clean it out, and then we had it framed back around Christmas time last year.

We currently have an exchange student from Germany living with us, and when we the host family coordinator asked if we could host this school year, I think I said, “Oh, we’ll have the basement done by then, so we will actually have room for her!” Not so. Hubby’s done most of the work so far, and he’s amazing. I don’t know how to do any of the wiring or plumbing to help him. And the poor man doesn’t have a lot of free time, what with a full time job, extra traveling for work, church duties, a garden, and a busy family with 5 make that 6 children.

 I love to paint and can’t wait to slap some paint on the walls. I even have dreams of buying new furniture, but I can’t really think about that (or buy anything) until we get those rooms done. I do have one piece I already painted, remember this vanity?

 Right now it’s stuffed in my bedroom waiting and wishing for a room of it’s own someday where it won’t just get piled high with laundry to fold. But that’s probably the wish of all my furniture in my bedroom to tell you the truth. So, as you can see, we have a lot of…..potential (that’s putting it nicely), and need. We NEED Mandi to come and help us out with her decorating pizzaz and her boundless energy. She could whip this place into shape in no time. All I need from you is your vote. Just click on the box and vote, vote vote.

 From Mandi’s website, the timeline is like this: September 7-September 14: Linky open for voting. Send everyone you know over to vote for your post. Please help me get as MANY votes as I can, so if you could help me by posting a link on your facebook page, or blogging, or asking your friends to vote for me (even if they don’t know me, I’d still LOVE all the votes I can get).

 So if you can mark your calendars, set a reminder in your phone, write it on a sticky note to vote between Sept 7 and 14th, I would SO appreciate it!


Cathy Kennedy said...

I would love to have a basement to do anything with, even if it is used for nothing more than a catch all for all of our junk. Seriously! My dream is to find a bigger home in 2013, but finding that said dream is easier said than done. I've been sorta looking on & off this year and have not found exactly what I am looking for. *sigh* Oh well, thanks for stopping by today. I hope you're able to get the handbells!

Lola said...

Many thanks for stopping by - hope you have a great weekend!

Jenny said...

Hi Paige! Have you moved your blog?